A series of workshops for a The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Knowledge Synthesis project on Climate Security has resulted in a significant report entitled: The Security of Canada and Canadians – Implications of Climate Change, which is available online.

Dr. Gordon McBean, ACT Extreme Weather policy author, was Principal Investigator and Author of the report which looks at the impacts of climate change, directly and indirectly on Canada, and the implications of response strategies by all levels of government within Canada and by the global community.

The report focuses on security – human security and its relationship to human vulnerability, personal health security, food security and water security – and concludes that all of these are interconnected and will be affected by climate change. It advises that addressing climate change impacts requires (a) an interdisciplinary approach; (b) a systems (broader) view; and (c) mobilization of all involved.

ACT has been invited to submit an op-ed on the subject of climate change adaptation and security to the influential Ottawa newspaper Embassy, which will be circulated in a special issue on International Climate Security on June 15th.

Dr. McBean is currently leading the three-year IDRC-funded Coastal Cities at Risk research project that features Vancouver, Lagos, Bangkok and Manila. ACT is leading stakeholder engagement and research into the Vancouver region for the project.