EcoAdapt has just released a new synthesis report, titled The State of Climate Change Adaptation in the Great Lakes Region. This report is the result of a survey of freshwater resource managers, planners, and practitioners in the region who are tasked with the challenge of developing strategies to prepare for and respond to a changing climate.

This synthesis provides:

  • A summary of key regional climate change impacts;
  • Examples of over 100 adaptation initiatives from the region, focusing on activities in the natural and built environments as they relate to freshwater resources;
  • Fifty-seven case studies, detailing how adaptation is taking shape; and
  • An overview of challenges and opportunities for freshwater adaptation in the Great Lakes region.
  • Read the report and the case studies to find real world examples of how other people in similar disciplines or regions are incorporating climate change into their work!

To learn more about the State of Adaptation Program and to view the Great Lakes project page, visit their website.  Products generated from this project, including case studies, will be shared through another EcoAdapt program, the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE).