Check out this new paper from the Canadian Climate Forum:

While the freeze and thaw of late winter was underway, a team of ocean experts was hard at work on the Canadian Climate Forum’s Issue Paper #6, Spring 2017:

Ocean Acidification in Canada’s Coastal Waters
Climate Change, Processes and Impacts

This comprehensive Issue Paper provides an excellent overview of the causes, the processes and the impacts of acidification on Canada’s three coastal oceans. It also reveals some of the socio-economic impacts, and offers important recommendations for action to address this very serious threat to the health and productivity of our oceans.

CCF thanks co-authors Dr. Kenneth Denman and Dr. Robie Macdonald for their brilliance, as well as the expert reviewers: Paul Lyon; Dr. Kumiko Azetsu-Scott; Dr. Pierre Pepin; Dr. Maurice Levasseur and Dr. Thomas Pedersen.

This Issue Paper was made possible by the generous support of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

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