The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices has just released a new report titled Under Water: the costs of climate change for Canada’s infrastructure. Canada’s infrastructure is not ready for climate change, and increases risks to Canadians, ecosystems, property, and the Canadian economy. The report explores how a “warming and increasingly volatile climate could damage infrastructure across Canada and what Canadian governments can do to prepare and to reduce damage, disruption, and costs” (Climate Choices, 2021). To update infrastructure, Canada must update its infrastructure policies, regulation, and funding processes to plan for climate projections.

Existing infrastructure is already failing, and service delivery is uneven across the country. Climate change will worsen the mental and physical health impacts of the jarring lack of safe drinking water in Indigenous and rural communities, worsening inequity. Essential infrastructure is either insufficient on nonexistent in many First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis communities, increasing the vulnerability that climate change will pose to these communities.

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