Local governments are taking action now to address the increasing risk to Canadians from extreme heat events that will only become more common and severe in the years ahead as a result of a warming climate. Cities adapt to extreme heat: Celebrating local leadership, written by seven experts from the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) and Health Canada, profiles 20 of the many successful local projects underway or already completed in communities across the country that are adapting to better address the risks associated with extreme heat. The 20 case studies were chosen because they are innovative, and, in the opinion of the authors, could inform efforts in communities across the country.

The book can be accessed by clicking here.

Many of the communities identified in this report have a comprehensive strategy in place to address the risk of extreme heat events. The case studies present one element from the many actions they are implementing to address extreme heat. Showcasing key elements from a broad range of actions is offered to help other communities build an effective and comprehensive plan to confront the growing health risks to Canadians from extreme heat events.

An important message in this report is that leading communities are taking action now. The risk to the health of Canadians from extreme heat events is present today and will grow over time. We seek to recognize and honour local and regional governments taking action now, and it is encouraging to report that many are doing so.