The Climate and Agriculture Initiative of BC has released a set of timely resources on how farmers can adapt to extreme heat. With the recent heat dome setting record temperatures in Western Canada, these resources will be highly valuable for a future where these temperatures will become more common.

Reflective tarps maintain blueberry quality during extreme heat

Three new resources are available to help blueberry farmers adapt to extreme heat. A successful 2020 demonstration project with over 25 different growers found that reflective tarps kept berries cool and reduced berry weight loss. This fact sheet explains how the tarps work and estimates returns on investment following use.

A second fact sheet demonstrates that the reflective tarps can also protect harvested fruit during picking and transport, and includes links to suppliers.

Want more details? Check out the full project report here!

Managing extreme heat on dairy farms

For the summer of 2021, the Climate and Agriculture Initiative of BC is undertaking an evaluation of current dairy farm conditions in the Fraser Valley and potential improvements for barn ventilation and cooling systems during extreme heat. This project will run on eight separate dairy farms, and data will be collected on temperature, relative humidity, milk production, rumination, water intake, and stall air speed. Project results will be published after a full season of demonstration, and will be shared by the Climate and Agriculture Initiative BC.

Sign up for Okanagan Water Alerts

The Okanagan Basin Water Board has set up the Okanagan Water Supply Alerts system for agricultural water users to receive notifications about water supply direct from their supplier. The electronic notification system immediately notifies users about changes in water restrictions, irrigation turn on/off dates, and other relevant updates.

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