Explore ACT ICABCCI’s new briefing note, Building Equity using Nature-based Solutions. This briefing note covers the need for climate justice and equity in the planning of nature-based solutions, and makes four key recommendations for local governments and project managers looking to implement just and equitable nature-based solutions in their communities. These recommendations are based on three case studies from Canada and one from Washington, DC. 

This briefing note is the outcome of ACT’s research in 2020 on how nature-based solutions can increase equitable and socially-just outcomes in a changing climate. This research culminated in a national webinar in November 2020, which featured presentations from Grant Fahlgren, Landscape Architect, Reconciliation Advisor to the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects’ (CSLA) Board of Directors and Chair of the Reconciliation Advisory Committee for CSLA; and Katherine Howard, Strategic Advisor on Parks and Recreation for Xyst Consulting and former Project Manager for VanPlay, the City of Vancouver’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Explore the briefing note here