In the report’s introductory letter, Task Force Chair Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade clerk of the courts, describes sea level rise as a “measurable, trackable, and relentless” consequence of climate change that, lacking “innovative adaptive capital planning,” will “threaten trillions of dollars of the region’s built environment” as well as its water supply, natural resources, agricultural soils, and basic economy.

The Task Force was created by the County Commission in July 2013 to “review the relevant data and prior studies” to provide a “comprehensive and realistic assessment of the likely and potential [future] impacts of sea level rise.”

The Task Force report concludes with a “follow the money” warning:

With trillions of dollars of built environment and invaluable natural resources at stake in the region, the economic imperative to take action sooner rather than later is clear. WE BELIEVE THAT WITHOUT A PROFESSIONALLY WELL THOUGHT OUT ADAPTATION PLAN IN PLACE, WE RISK LOSING INSURABILITY AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR OUR FUTURE.

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