In a March 22/11 Metro News article, Vancouver is said to be leading the climate change charge. The World Wildlife Fund Canada’s director of climate and energy, Josh Laughren, said other cities have a lot to learn from Vancouver.

We have reduced emissions, met Kyoto targets, increased public transit trips, and have the greenest building code in Canada. Amidst all this, are we paying as much attention to our water as we could be?

In this CBC article, Bob Sandford, spokesman for the fourth annual Canadian Water Attitudes Study, says that Canadians “claim to care about conserving it [water], yet knowingly engage in water wasting activities, including using fresh, clean water to dispose of garbage.”

In the month following World Water Day, ACT will release our newest report, “Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance” authored by Bob Sandford, chair, Canadian Partnership Initiative of the UN Water for Life Decade.

Learn more about World Water Day at UN-World Water Day.