For the third year in a row the Word Economic Forum has identified extreme weather events and the failure to meet climate change mitigation and adaptation targets as the greatest threats to business and industry. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, is known for drawing attention to the need for climate action strategies that reduce emissions and build resilience in order to protect the most vulnerable. In Hasina’s recent article, penned for the World Economic Forum, Hasina highlights the impacts climate change is having on the livelihoods of people in Bangladesh and the observed reluctance in other countries to adopt climate action strategies that reflect the urgency needed to act on climate change.

Hasina states, “I am less concerned about conventional “warfare”. Instead, I foresee climatic stress causing tensions to simmer and sparking different forms of conflicts within communities. We must rise above the politics of doubt, and accept that climatic vulnerabilities lead to a fragile economy and risk human security.”

For the article and World Economic Forums Global Risk Report see here.