We are proud to announce that ACT’s Executive Director, Deborah Harford will be teaching the Fall 2019 SFU Semester in Dialogue, Semester in Climate Futures. Deborah is the first alumna of the program to return in a teaching position and will provide students with insights as a life long environmentalist, passionate communicator, and thought leader on the emerging concept of low carbon resilience.

This Semester in Dialogue will tackle climate change as a global issue from many different angles: through the lenses of the physical sciences, economics, business, politics, ethics, psychology and communications. Class projects will focus on what individuals can do to respond to climate change at the personal and community scale. They will explore how different levels of government address climate policy and how individuals can influence those decisions, by working inside government as a public servant or elected official, or by working from outside through grass-roots or stakeholder organizations. We will also explore the role that markets and the private sector can play in moving the world towards a more sustainable, low carbon future.

For more information see here, applications are due by March 1st!