ACT’s ICABCCI team is excited to announce the publication of two new tools that will help local governments reduce climate risk and GHGs while advancing equity, public health, biodiversity, and other community co-benefits. Staff, decision makers and practitioners can use these tools—the first in a series—to champion and implement the low carbon resilience (LCR) approach.

Our LCR Decision Tool helps embed effective, systemic climate action in policy, planning and corporate strategy, and our LCR Co-Benefits Tool supports this by identifying decisions and actions that multi-task. Both tools are simple and visual and designed to facilitate effective engagement with staff and decision-makers.

ACT, SFU’s Integrated Climate Action for B.C. Communities Initiative (ICABCCI) partnered with an array of British Columbia local governments to collaboratively test and advance the LCR approach. These tools are the first in a series of LCR tools, snapshots and resources we’ve been cooking up. Stay tuned for the rest!