ACT Executive Director Deborah Harford featured during living blogging at UBC Resilience Symposium:

From the live blogging site:

Deborah Hartford, the Executive Director of the Simon Fraser University Adaptation to Climate Change Team pointed out that global warming has diverse and unpredictable effects on water cycles around the world, from flooding in the UK to severe droughts in Australia. In Canada, aging infrastructure increases urban vulnerability to extreme weather. To build resilience into those systems, efforts to replace this infrastructure need to take into account climate change, and the likelihood that Canada will likely become a destination for climate refugees. She concluded by suggesting five key principles for developing adaptation policy that “speak the language of policymakers”:

  • Intergovernmental collaboration
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Assessment of current & future risk
  • Acting strategically
  • Mainstreaming (build in resilience along with other initiatives)

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