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Source: Livable Cities Forum

ACT’s Executive Director Deborah Harford will be speaking at the Livable Cities Forum, September 28-30 in Calgary.

Deborah’s panel session focuses on the economics of resilience. Implementing flood protection measures can be costly, particularly where it is being retrofitted into existing development. Uncertainty surrounding the economics of resiliency, for example the cost-benefit or the return on investment in resiliency measures, can make securing funding a challenge. Panelists will discuss the economics of flood protection- costs, opportunities, and challenges.

Deborah will share the stage with Elizabeth Atkinson from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Climate Change at the University of Waterloo, Monica Mannerstrom and Charlene Menezes from Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, and Dave McMillan from KGS Group.

To register or for more information on the forum, check out their website here.

Deborah’s talk will focus on ACT’s recent publication, “Paying for Urban Infrastructure Adaptation in Canada: An Analysis of Existing and Potential Economic Instruments for Local Governments“. This report analyzes various ways local governments can fund or finance adaptation projects, and as such is a valuable tool to catalyze local government action on adaptation. Read the report here.