Kenya wildlife rangers are attempting a historic mass relocation of zebra and wildebeest across the country in an attempt to provide food for starving carnivores. Extreme drought in the region has caused many herbivores such as zebra and wildebeest to die, leaving little to no prey for hyenas and lions to feed on. The starving hunters have turned to attacking domestic herds of cattle in order to adapt to the changes in their environment.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) spokesman Paul Udoto said the drought is causing major problems for herders.

“Some herders lost as high as 80% of their stock due to the drought, and the few that were remaining were attacked by hyenas and lions,” he told AFP news agency.

“One of the quick remedies is for KWS to restock the park. It is one way of restoring the balance between carnivores and herbivores in the park as well as reducing the lion and hyena attacks on livestock.”

In August, KWS said Kenya was losing 100 lions each year as herders killed them in retaliation for attacks on their cattle, AFP reports.

The rangers hope to catch 4,000 zebras and 3,000 wildebeest in a month.

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