In addition to all of the important initiatives being supported by the Canadian Government, it is great to see support for climate action and adaptation for communities across the Americas. The pillars of Canada’s engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean region are:

  • promoting democracy, human rights, inclusion and diversity;
  • supporting inclusive growth and poverty eradication;
  • supporting climate change and adaptation; and
  • improving regional security.

On June 4, 2018, the Government of Canada announced $79.21 million in development assistance for nine projects aimed at empowering women and girls. They include projects to improve women and adolescent girls’ sexual and reproductive health rights, prevent gender-based violence, increase women’s political participation, improve water security for vulnerable populations—especially women—support climate resilience efforts and increase incomes among smallholder farming families, with an emphasis on woman farmers.

For a complete list of the new programs being supported by the Canadian Government in the Americas click here.