Embark is hiring for a Program Manager to lead their sustainability programming across SFU’s three campuses:

Full time (30 hours/week)
June 13, 2016- June 17, 2017
$20.68 per hour + 4% vacation pay

The Program Manager is responsible for catalyzing a range of programming by providing leadership to volunteers. The work is geared to raising awareness about sustainability issues at SFU and pushing SFU to be a more sustainable campus.

The Program Manager co-leads the Sustainability Peer Educator Program in conjunction with a SFU Sustainability Office staff member. The Program Manager supports project Coordinators, providing direction regarding event planning and volunteer management. The Program Manager recruits, trains, and works with the Peer Educators and Coordinators throughout the academic school year, facilitating project planning and providing opportunities for personal & professional development. On an ongoing basis, the Program Manager recruits volunteers and seeks to involve them in areas of interest. The Program Manager continually seeks opportunities to forge partnerships with campus and community partners that have common goals, and leverage these relationships to advance the goals of all implicated groups. The Program Manager designs and administers evaluation of programs so that Embark can continually evolve and most effectively serve its members. The Program Manager reports to and works very closely with Embark’s Executive Director.

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