When a topic like ‘extreme weather’ gets front-page coverage on Canada’s leading current affairs magazine, you can bet that policy-makers are listening.

On August 30, 2010, Maclean’s ran a cover story on extreme weather events – an undeniable reality-check that every country, community, and industry is in need of ways to adapt to the extreme weather events predicted to occur in a changing climate.

To address this need, ACT will be releasing an updated version of our 2009 report, Climate Change Adaptation and Extreme Weather.

The updated report, due out in October 2010, will include a refreshed section on recent extreme weather events and statistics. It will also offer new adaptation recommendations from Dr. Gordon McBean, lead policy author and long-time climate change scientist, professor and program manager.

Floods: Port Stanley and much of Ontario is experiencing record storms and flooding.

Wildfires: A helicopter douses flames at the Pelican Complex fire, north of Nazko, B.C., Aug. 15, 2010.