ICLEI Webinar: Making Strides on Community Adaptation

Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 1:00pm EST

ACT ED Deb Harford is one of the speakers at this upcoming webinar!

The Making Strides on Community Adaptation Project was designed to bridge the gap between planning and implementation by increasing the uptake of existing implementation-related resources.  Recognizing that there is a growing implementation gap among Canadian municipalities, ICLEI Canada established seven recommendations and case study examples of accessible strategies designed to address common constraints to implementing adaptation actions.  As well, the project included the creation of several “Abridged Resources,” which serve as an “at-a-glance” synopses of existing implementation related documents and are designed to help end-users judge to what degree the resource is appropriate for them.  These can be found attached to the Final Report, and soon on the newly updated Adaptation Library! 

Join us for an ICLEI In Session webinar that will share findings from the project, recommendations for effective implementation of adaptation actions, and hear multiple case studies from Canadian practitioners.

Michael Houle, Adaptation and Resilience Project Coordinator, ICLEI Canada
Hana Lapp, Adaptation and Resilience Planner, ICLEI Canada
Deborah Harford, Executive Director, Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT)
Additional speakers to come!

Moderated by: ICLEI Canada

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