Building LCR Planning to Implementation Pathways

ICABCCI Partner Community Workshop 2 Report

This report summarizes ACT’s second ICABCCI partner community workshop on approaches to developing low carbon resilience. The ICABCCI team has synthesized findings relating to key LCR opportunities, entry points and pathways to effective implementation. These pathways are diverse and involve many other local government policy areas such as water, energy, land-use, transportation, and biodiversity with the potential to produce co-benefits. For instance, including natural assets in asset management and capital investment planning reduces vulnerability, over time, accounts for ecosystem services such as stormwater management, water filtration and aquifer renewal, and reduces emissions and costs associated with conventional forms of grey infrastructure. Natural assets also provide additional benefits, such as green space that minimizes the effects of extreme heat and increased precipitation, contributes to biodiversity, and improved human well-being. With coordination and collaboration, local governments can plan for integrated climate action, or LCR approaches, that support and promote multiple policy objectives and municipal goals.


Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative

Workshop 2 Summary Report

August 2019

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