LCR Opportunities and Challenges in BC Communities

Canadian local governments face a perfect storm of limited capacity, aging infrastructure, and climate change impacts. Leaders and staff are experiencing increasing public pressure to ‘future-proof’ communities from the projected impacts of dangerous climate change by both reducing emissions (mitigation) and preparing for impacts such as flooding, sea level rise, and heatwaves (adaptation).

This report highlights key results from a survey of 12 local BC governments on the potential for low carbon resilience and summarizes conclusions and next steps. Fifteen respondents from twelve communities reported the need for greater integration of climate action in planning, strategy, and implementation, identifying key LCR opportunities in asset management, corporate strategic planning, and flood/stormwater planning, and in the coordinated implementation of their existing mitigation and adaptation plans. They also prioritized enabling conditions needed to pursue an LCR approach, including strong leadership, funding, coordination, and role clarity. These results are helping to frame how ACT’s ICABCCI team will work with and support partner communities. This report highlights key ICABCCI survey results and summarizes conclusions and next steps.


Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative

Survey 1: Summary Report

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Participating Communities:

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