Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative

With coordination and collaboration, local governments (LGs) can plan for integrated climate action on adaptation and emissions reduction, also known as low carbon resilience (LCR) approaches, that support and promote multiple policy objectives and municipal goals. ACT’s Integrated Climate Action in BC Communities Initiative (ICABCCI) aims to identify opportunities for LCR that build on work already being done in LGs, such as asset management, land-use, and corporate strategic planning, to transition communities toward practical approaches that ensure climate compatibility. ICABCCI’s goal is to co-create LCR planning-to-implementation pathways in diverse local government settings, evaluate key benefits, challenges and trade-offs of LCR in practice, and codify and test the results in order to develop a practical, effective framework of action that can be used to build expertise and capacity for adaptation and mitigation planning in diverse communities across BC and beyond. ACT’s project has already attracted 13 partner BC LGs, committed to embedding LCR in processes and over 20 communities in a peer-learning network, who not only understand the benefits of creating one coordinated plan for emissions reduction and adaptation rather than the traditional siloed approach, but are urgently seeking such solutions. Many LGs are small with one staff member responsible for climate planning; the LCR approach streamlines efforts and optimizes resources. The ICABCCI project is projected to continue until 2022 and will engage up to 15 case study communities as well as many more in the peer learning network. Click here to sign up to receive newsletters and ICABCCI resources every couple of months:

Building LCR Planning to Implementation Pathways

ICABCCI Partner Community Workshop 2 Report

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Partner Community Criteria

The Partner Community Criteria table will be used to co-select ICABCCI’s first wave of case communities. This initial set of 3-5 case communities will be co-selected by the ICABCCI partner network based on key LCR entry points, geography, form, climate impacts and challenges, readiness, and the potential for successful LCR implementation.

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ICABCCI Partner Community Profiles

ACT has created ICABCCI to advance practical and effective integrated climate action in strategy, planning, and implementation. This set of thirteen ICABCCI partner community profiles outlines each community’s progress and aspirations on adaptation and mitigation, with the goal of highlighting key opportunities for LCR planning and implementation.

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LCR Opportunities and Challenges in BC Communities

Canadian local governments face a perfect storm of limited capacity, aging infrastructure, and climate change impacts. Leaders and staff are experiencing increasing public pressure to ‘future-proof’ communities from the projected impacts of dangerous climate change by both reducing emissions (mitigation) and preparing for impacts such as flooding, sea level rise, and heatwaves (adaptation).

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Workshop 1: Summary Report

On January 10, 2019, ACT SFU’s Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative (ICABCCI) kicked off with an inaugural workshop that brought together 12 BC communities representing urban and rural areas, large and small municipalities, First Nations, and regional districts, all at different stages of adaptation and mitigation planning and implementation. This is the first stage in ACT’s new Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia funded Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative looking at the low carbon resilience approach as both streams of climate action become business as usual.

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