The Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, is at its greatest risk ever of disappearing into the annals of man-made disasters, due to mass coral bleaching caused by climate change.

A recent Forbes article highlights a study conducted out of James Cook University’s Research Centre for Coral Reef Studies. The study surveyed 1,036 reefs from the air in the last two weeks of March, 2020, to measure the extent and severity of coral bleaching throughout the Barrier Reef region.

The results were bleak. Mass bleaching has hit the entire 2,300 kilometre Great Barrier Reef system for the first time. That’s damage extending across the combined area of the United Kingdom, Holland and Switzerland.

The impact of climate change on the ocean is dramatically affecting coral reef ecosystems worldwide according to Australia’s Climate Council, which is made up of scientists, renewable energy and policy experts.

 “We’re going to see more of them in future, tragically, and the only way to secure a future for the world’s coral reefs is to deal with greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Terry Hughes, James Cook University