Screenshot 2014-12-10 10.21.27Seattle mapmaker and urban planner Jeffrey Linn loves cities. “I spend a lot of time thinking about cities and how people fit into them,” he writes on his website. “I walk. I bus. I sometimes bike. I like trains and cables and pantographs. I think the row house is the pinnacle of residential urban form.”

Recently, while in between jobs, Linn started creating maps of major U.S. cities — underwater. Because that’s always fun.

Specifically, his maps show what coastal cities would (will) look like if (when) all the ice caps melt, and the seas rise roughly 80 meters, or 260 feet. (That estimate comes from the U.S. Geological Survey.) Taking a cue from blogger Burrito Justice, who created a map of San Francisco under 200 feet of water, Linn adds imaginative new names to the future islands, archipelagos, and underwater features in his soggy topographies.

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Screenshot 2014-12-10 10.25.39Image created by: Jeffrey Linn