One problem with wind power is that it’s expensive to build and hard to find the space. Problem solved.

Viaducts—the technical term for arch-supported bridges—are already impressive swoops of engineering prowess. But this kind of infrastructure is about to get even more amazing, as giant spinning turbines are hung from the spans.

The Juncal Viaduct in the Canary Islands is serving as a model for the project, completed by researchers from Kingston University in London. The scientists’ calculations show that installing turbines between its tall legs would produce enough power for 450 to 500 homes, or around half a megawatt. “This kind of installation would avoid the emission of 140 tons of CO2 per year, an amount that represents the depuration effect of about 7,200 trees,” Oscar Soto, a researcher on the project, told the Spanish-language SINC.

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