A changing climate means a changing coastline. Sea levels are projected to rise by half a metre in the next 40 years, presenting serious risks for BC communities.

Join us on October 9, 2013 in Bowser, BC for Getting Climate Ready, a workshop co-hosted by the Fraser Basin Council, the BC Climate Action Secretariat, and the Stewardship Centre for BC. This is a good opportunity to see how coastal communities on Vancouver Island are preparing for the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

Workshop participants will learn about sea level rise projections, tools available to assist local governments in adaptation, and what communities are doing to increase their resilience to floods and severe weather events related to climate change. In addition, participants will receive information on the Green Shores program, which promotes sustainable use of coastal ecosystems through planning and design. There will be ample opportunity at the event to network with professionals in the climate adaptation field and to take a tour of a Green Shores project located at the Deep Bay Marine Field Station.

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