Source: CBC/ The Canadian Press

Source: CBC/ The Canadian Press

Yesterday, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced that the federal government is promising new funding for environmental projects with municipal grants and loans to 20 cities and towns across the country.

From CBC: 

The Liberal minister said the $31.5-million in federal money will help communities improve local standards for air, water and soil quality.

“I will help [us] do our part to help fight climate change,” said McKenna. “In order to be successful we’re going to need innovative local strategies.” …

She said cities have direct control over 40 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions while being on the front lines of climate risks posed by global warming.

“This is the moment when we all agree that climate change is the challenge of our generation.”

This is an exciting development as municipalities can take significant action on climate change, and in many cases they already have been taking action. Adaptation also demands localized responses.

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