Source: CBC; Reuters.

Canada’s federal budget was announced yesterday, and it includes some good news for adapting to climate change.

From CBC: 

“The environment is mentioned often in the budget, with measures scattered throughout the document, in chapters on everything from taxes to trade. The budget includes money for a long shopping list of promises made in the Liberal election platform.

“They include:

  • $518 million for local governments to strengthen their infrastructure to withstand a changing climate.
  • $2 billion for a clean water and wastewater fund for cities and provinces to improve their water infrastructure and wastewater treatment.
  • $63 million over two years to build charging stations for electric vehicles and hydrogen and natural gas refuelling stations.
  • $128.8 million over five years to deliver energy efficiency programs to retrofit buildings and to improve standards for vehicles and products.
  • Launching regional discussions to identify the most promising projects to expand electricity infrastructure.

“Essentially, the government plans to fix up the nuts and bolts of the country’s infrastructure and do it in an environmentally friendly way.”

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What do you think of the budget? What does it address well, and what is left out? Does this budget do enough on mitigation, too?