The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has just released an engaging new report, Guidelines for Integrating Ecosystem-based Adaptation into National Adaptation Plans. This document helps officials at all levels of government understand how to integrate ecosystem-based management (EBM) into into national climate change adaptation plans.

This report follows the release of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, which found that the world needs to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid more extreme weather events.

“In the wake of the devastating IPCC report, countries are waking up to the need to be better prepared for climate change impacts, which is the core of national adaptation planning… Ecosystems provide a wide range of services vital to adaptation and resilience, and need to be protected and included in that planning”

said UNEP’s Lis Bernhardt, coordinator of the guidelines.

The guidelines include a tool to map where ecosystems overlap with human populations vulnerable to storms, flooding, and landslides. This tool helps identify where ecosystem-based management approaches will have the greatest impact.

Read and download the guidelines here