Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) have just released their Climate Change Action Plan, which is the first plan of its kind created by an engineering or geoscience regulatory body in Canada.

The Plan release states:

“The Action Plan provides strategic direction for the organization, outlining how Engineers and Geoscientists BC will respond to climate change and support its registrants to proactively consider climate change into their professional practice. The Action Plan was developed by Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Climate Action Plan Steering Group (CAPSG), comprising representatives from the organization’s Climate Change Advisory Group and Sustainability Advisory Group, with the support of consultants with expertise in climate action and stakeholder engagement. After robust consultation with registrants and industry stakeholders and input from the CAPSG, the Action Plan was unanimously approved by Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Council in November 2020.  

Implementing the Action Plan will build on Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s previous work in this area, which has included leading and supporting many initiatives to address climate change in engineering and geoscience practice. Examples include the development of Professional Practice Guidelines on adapting to climate change and reducing emissions. Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s current Climate Change Information Portal – a dedicated space for climate change resources – will continue to be updated as the Action Plan is implemented. Engineers and Geoscientists BC will continue to assess progress towards the Action Plan goals by engaging regularly with registrants to ensure they are receiving adequate support and to evaluate progress on an annual basis. The Action Plan will be reviewed and updated in three years.”