Monday November 28th
10:00 am – 11:30 am PST

Data Collection and Analysis Update

This conversation brings together the MC3 2.0 research team to discuss the second phase of the project. The first phase, MC3: Meeting the Climate Change Challenge, studied 11 local government climate innovators in British Columbia. As part of the second phase, the team re-interviewed a sub sample of the original first phase interviewees in order to track if any changes had occurred in their development paths. At this event, the team will discuss the revised coding framework, decomposition analysis, and indicator framework that are helping to guide the analysis. They will also share their ongoing process of visualizing the data and how text mining is informing their approach.

Check out theĀ first from a series of data visualizations illustrating their findings. This is the fun part: asking questions of the data. What is the number one topic across all the local governments? Which local governments are most closely linked in their vocabulary? What are the topics hardly anyone is talking about? How do the topics change from year to year?

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