Extreme Weather

Extreme weather events are one of the principal challenges driven by climate change, which is projected to cause storms and associated damages of magnitudes that render current standards obsolete.

The ACT Extreme Weather session ran from May-December 2008, and focused on municipal adaptation, infrastructure, and public safety. Zurich Canada partnered with BC’s Ministry of Environment to create this session; engineering firm AMEC funded publication and distribution of the report. Dr. Gordon McBean, one of Canada’s leading climate scientists and Policy Chair for the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, was ACT’s policy author for the Extreme Events session, with co-author Dr. Dan Henstra – findings were released September 9, 2009.

On June 2-3, 2008, ACT hosted conferences titled Extreme Events: Municipalities Adapting to Climate Change in Vancouver BC. Participants explored the current and projected climate change impacts on municipalities, the current responses, and discussed the policy challenges associated with these impacts and responses. Featured speakers included:

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