Crops & Food Supply

Increasing summer temperatures combined with drought, flooding and pest expansion all affect Canadian and international farmers, and could pose problems for food supply.

The 2013 ACT Crops & Food Supply program session incorporated ACT Water Governance session findings and considered ways to adapt food production methods now and in the long-term. Canadian planting patterns in agricultural sectors from wheat to wine are already shifting, with some areas becoming less hospitable and others opening up.

The lead policy author for this session was Erik Karlsen, former Chair of BC’s Agricultural Land Commission. The co-author for the Background report was Dr. Lenore Newman, Research Chair in Food Security and Environmental Change at the University of the Fraser Valley.

The Briefing for Decision-makers was co-authored by Erik Karlsen with former BC Deputy Minister of Sustainable Natural Resources and ACT Biodiversity author Jon O’Riordan, and Epcor Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative of the UN Water for Life Decade and ACT Water Governance author Bob Sandford.

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