The Government of Canada has launched Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action, the national assessment of how Canada’s climate is changing, the impacts of these changes and how we are adapting to reduce risk. The process to develop the assessment is an ongoing collaboration among subject-matter experts from a range of backgrounds. Together, they will consider scientific and technical literature, Indigenous knowledge and practitioner experiences to build our understanding of the impacts of climate change and the ways we can adapt. Watch for a series of authoritative science and knowledge products over the next four years.

A strong assessment process includes all relevant information and knowledge, including your views, documents and expertise.

  • Share what’s important to you about climate change impacts and adaptation in Canada.
  • Upload peer-reviewed and grey literature, case studies, reports, etc. that you think should be considered in the assessment process.
  • Contribute your knowledge as an expert reviewer. Register today.

Contact Canada’s Assessment Secretariat with questions about the process.