Request for Proposals

Communications to Advance Canada’s Climate Commitment – Seeking Project Leader


The Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network (CEGN) is seeking a consultant to take on the role of Project Leader for a short-term initiative to develop and enhance communications activities in support of the achievement of Canada’s climate commitment. A strong track record in planning and delivering communications initiatives is a key requirement for the successful applicant. The contract for the Project Leader will be for $50,000 (inclusive of HST) for the period of August 15th, 2016 to January 31st, 2017.


The Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network (CEGN) is comprised of more than 60 funders – private and community foundations, as well as corporate and government environmental grant programs – working to strengthen the impact of philanthropy in support of a sustainable future for Canadians. CEGN members provide grants and make investments across a wide range of environmental issues, including climate and energy. The role for philanthropy in advancing a low carbon future for Canada has been the focus of the CEGN’s Low Carbon Funders’ Group, which has identified better communications as a critical need in realizing the commitment that Canada made at the Paris climate negotiations at the end of last year.

An overview of the initiative has been developed and includes the following activities:

  • Piloting a climate communications hub with an initial focus on federal climate leadership
  • Developing a report card on provincial policies
  • Building the public narrative
  • Communicating modelling to meet Canada’s 2020 Target.

Committed funding for the project is approximately $250,000, including the funds for the Project Leader.

The project will be guided by a Steering Committee. Overall project administration will be the responsibility of CEGN and the Project Leader will report to the CEGN Executive Director.

Responsibilities of Project Leader:

The Project Leader will report to the Project Administrator, with responsibilities spelled out in a contract with CEGN. These responsibilities will include:

  • Working from the original project overview, the Project Leader will develop a work plan (based on the expectation of the work comprising one FTE for the project duration) and implementation strategy for review and approval by the Steering Committee. We expect that some elements of the initial project proposal will be revisited based on the knowledge and the expertise of the Project Leader, as well as budgetary constraints.
  • Identifying and organizing sub-contracting arrangements to complete the work that will be undertaken. These contracts will be administered through CEGN.
  • Reporting to the Steering Committee on the project’s progress and responding to issues raised by the Steering Committee.
  • In concert with the Project Administrator, ensuring budgetary oversight of the project. 

Responding to the RFP:

If interested in responding to the RFP, please start by contacting Pegi Dover at CEGN with a request to receive the complete project overview. She can be reached at: pegi_dover@cegn.org

Proposals should include the following:

  • Biography or CV of the project leader applicant.
  • Information on communications work, relevant to this RFP
  • Suggested approach to the work and comments on the initiative as it is currently outlined (i.e. priorities; challenges; opportunities)
  • At least two references


Responses to the RFP will be accepted until the end of day on Monday, August 1st. It is expected that a decision as to the successful applicant will be made within one week of the receipt of the responses and that work will be underway by mid-August.

Proposal Submission:

Please submit your response to this RFP by email to the attention of:

Pegi Dover
Executive Director
Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network
Email: pegi_dover@cegn.org

For further information, please contact Pegi at the above email address or at: 647-288-8891.