Strategic Communications Lead
Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington
Apply by: August 15th

The Climate Impacts Group is seeking a full-time Strategic Communications Lead to guide and support their efforts in developing and implementing a proactive, organization-wide communication strategy focused on informing conversations about climate impacts across the Pacific Northwest.


Like many of the positions within the Climate Impacts Group, we are looking for an individual with a wide range of skills and interests; someone who comfortably wears many hats in an organization, and welcomes new challenges that present opportunities to develop new proficiencies. Specific duties for the Strategic Communications Lead include:

Communication Innovation and Leadership

  • Coordinate closely with senior staff to develop the Climate Impacts Group’s communications strategy, objectives, and tactics
  • Based on the long-term communications strategy, develop existing and new products (e.g., written materials, visualizations, infographics) and outreach opportunities (e.g., in-person meetings, webinars, email lists) to improve the Climate Impact Group’s engagement of targeted sets of stakeholders
  • Enhance the engagement of key audiences through the Climate Impacts Group’s new website and social media tools
  • Identify ways for the Climate Impacts Group to assess the effectiveness of its communications, outreach, and engagement activities, and how to better “tell the story” of the organization and its partners
  • Understand regional media and communications markets and develop messaging opportunities around current and future Climate Impacts Group activities

Project Management and Execution

  • Organize and manage communication events (e.g., seminars, webinars, workshops), coordinating among UW, College, and CIG staff; participants; and attendees
  • Track and prepare reports regarding communications and engagement activities involving Climate Impacts Group staff
  • Provide a full range of editorial support to management and staff on materials intended for publication or public presentation, recommending revisions, format changes, alternative methods of presentation, or refinements as necessary.
  • Maintain and update the content on the Climate Impacts Group’s website
  • Routinely post information for stakeholders using email distribution lists, newsletters, and social media tools
  • Create communications products, which can involve elements of writing and design, and where appropriate, the identification and supervision of outside experts (e.g., for products involving graphic design, photography, video, or online applications); oversee the roll-out and distribution of these products
  • Coordinate and collaborate with College of the Environment and University of Washington communications and public relations staff, leveraging resources and assuring mutual benefit

External Relations and Fundraising

  • Serve as the lead point of contact for media requests and speaking engagements for the Climate Impacts Group
  • Engage directly with stakeholders (the general public, agencies, media) conducting presentations, webinars,  and meetings, etc., and through the various written products including, emails, the website, reports, and more.
  • Develop and maintain a professional network among regional and national media outlets, and among communications professionals at partner organizations associated with climate impacts and resilience work
  • Play a contributing role in growing the funding base of the communications program, including identification of appropriate grant and contract opportunities; successful development of proposals; and successful stewardship of funders, including donor individuals, corporations, and foundations.

The Strategic Communications Lead will report to the Director. Reflecting our team approach, the position will also be advised and/or directed by other senior staff, as needed for specific projects.

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