Climate Interactive is launchingĀ a new effort to expand climate change awareness across Africa. With tools that have helped decision-makers and citizens worldwide, Climate Interactive will be supporting people in leadingĀ the World Climate Simulation. At these events, people become “climate negotiators” tasked with agreeing on a global climate agreement to limit climate change. In the last year almost 15,000 people have participated in similar simulations worldwide, and for many it has been transformative in increasing their awareness and understanding of the challenge we face.

This climate awareness effort is launched in partnership with the new Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Morocco and relies on the ongoing partnership Climate Interactive has with MIT Sloan School of Management, UML Climate Change Initiative, and others.

Climate Interactive is hosting trainings for people interesting in facilitating World Climate Simulation events.

Upcoming World Climate trainings:

Nairobi, Kenya: May 26-27
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: June 1
Cape Town, South Africa: week of June 6th

Online webinars will also be announced in the coming weeks. Sign up to stay posted.