March 22, 2012 release from David McLaughlin, NRT President & CEO

The National Round Table (NRT) is pleased to present the first of three reports that show how businesses are adapting to climate change. This compilation of Canadian and international case studies, “Case Studies / Facing the Elements: Building Business Resilience in a Changing Climate“, profiles the adaptation experiences of thirteen pace-setting companies.

Canadian businesses are on the frontline of climate change because changing weather and other climate occurrences can affect their infrastructure assets, their supply chains, their reputation, and their bottom lines. To cope, business managers in Canada are looking for practical tools, best practices, and lessons learned to help them understand climate change risks and opportunities to their business, and develop and implement cost-effective strategies to adapt. Our report shows how this is being done.

Each case study demonstrates how top firms are integrating adaptation thinking into their business planning and decision making. These stories shed light on what motivates business action, how they benefit, and how governments can help.

Canadian businesses need to prepare and build resilience throughout their enterprises in order to succeed in a climate changing world. These real world examples show that adapting to climate change just makes good business sense.