The City of Campbell River is working hard to prepare for rising seas and flooding as it adapts to a changing environment. The City has now completed a long-term sea level rise action plan for the community, the Rising Seas Strategy, which has received national recognition for its innovation.

As a seaside community, the City of Campbell River has a history of storms and flooding in low-lying areas. With climate change, these are projected to become more regular and more severe, as higher seas push damaging storm surges further inland, weather events become more destructive, and heavier rainfall floods the Campbell River.

“Sea Level Rise is a relatively slow-moving phenomenon and will go largely unnoticed most of the time.  Under calm conditions, even 1m of global sea level rise is unlikely to have profound consequences in Campbell River.  However, during a storm event, 1m of global sea level rise becomes a serious danger for those few critical hours or minutes around high tide.
For these incredibly brief moments the factors governing local sea conditions conspire to create the “worst case scenario” that is shown on our flood maps.  All the calm days far away from king tides count for nothing.   It only needs happen once, in order for millions of dollars of damage to occur and lives and livelihoods to be disrupted.”

Chris Osborne, Acting Manager of Long Range Planning, City of Campbell River

The Province of British Columbia advises communities to plan for one metre of sea level rise by the year 2100, and two metres by 2200. 

For more information about the process that went into creating this plan, visit the City of Campbell River’s website.