The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) in Australia is seeking resources on coastal adaptation:

NCCARF is looking for your contribution to three important initiatives this month: the revision of the ‘State-of-Play’ Information Manual in CoastAdapt, development of new short case studies to include on the CoastAdapt website and the revision of the National Adaptation Research Plans (NARPs).

  • Submit new research and information on coastal risk: We invite you to submit new reports, journal articles, web links or other information that you think should be included in the updated Information Manual Building the Knowledge Base for Adaptation Action by 11 November. More information and to submit resources visit our website here.
  • Call for case studies of adaptation: Have you or your organisation undertaken any adaptation to limit damage, danger and risk due to climate change? We invite you to prepare a short ‘snapshot’ case study for CoastAdapt.

    We are looking for examples of real-world actions undertaken to adapt to climate change in the coastal zone. Snapshots are 1-2 pages long and may illustrate lessons learned, effective strategies and/or potential pitfalls. See examples here.

    For more information visit the Call for Snapshots here and submit an Expression of Interest by 25 November 2016 or contact Marilee Campbell

  • Contribute to the National Adaptation Research Plan update: NCCARF has updated five of its National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plans (NARPs) and these are currently open for review.  Next week is your final opportunity to participate in the review, which closes on  8 November 2016. For more information and to provide feedback visit our website