The Ontario Climate Consortium Secretariat is in the planning stages for the 2017 Ontario Climate symposium, taking place at York University on May 11th and 12th. Given year-over-year growth in attendance and overall interest in our flagship annual event, we are moving to a two-day format to provide more space for conversation and engagement with pressing climate challenges in Ontario.

The working theme for the upcoming symposium is Ahead by a Century and a Half: Envisioning Just Transformations in a Changing Climate. Given that Canada is celebrating the 150th anniversary confederation in 2017, we are envisioning what Ontario could be like in the next 150 years, or seven generations. With this overarching vision, we’ve identified a number of sub-themes that we will be exploring at the symposium, including:

  • Regional Land Use Planning and Urban Design;
  • Sustainable Energy Transitions;
  • Ecological Economics,
  • Eco-Health;
  • Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Changing Culture in a Changing Climate.

We’re in the process of developing the program and have issued a Call for Proposals for individual presentations, art and digital media exhibits, posters, as well as workshops and interactive sessions that examine the symposium’s themes. The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 4th. The organizing committee will make its decisions by November 11th.

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