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The SFU Sustainability Office is accepting nominations for the Annual President’s Awards for Leadership in Sustainability (2017)

 The President’s Awards for Leadership in Sustainability recognize members from Simon Fraser University’s faculty, staff and student community who demonstrate outstanding leadership in advancing the cause of sustainability within and/or beyond the University.

 Award recipients share SFU’s commitment to engage leadership and serve as inspirations and role models to our students, graduates and the community.

 For the purposes of this award, sustainability is understood as it is defined in SFU’s Sustainability Policy (GP 38): “improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems.” It should recognize that economic, social and ecological issues are fundamentally interrelated as they affect sustainability.

 Award recipients contribute to raising awareness of the fundamental interrelationships among these elements through their work, going above and beyond the normal requirements of their profession or studies.

 The Award is intended to recognize actions that significantly improved awareness and understanding of sustainability, as well as actions that promoted and produced improved environmental sustainability.  We encourage you to nominate a deserving candidate by December 15th using the attached nomination form.

 For more information on the Award and Selection Committee please visit the Sustainability Office website.