SFU ACT has been investigating the intersection of biodiversity loss and climate change impacts in Metro Vancouver, and how integrated regional green infrastructure planning could act as a potential remedy to these. After a year of researching and hosting interdisciplinary cross-sector workshops, we are pleased to present a policy brief and concept note that provide important information for professionals, municipal and regional staff, stewardship groups, and decision makers.

The Policy Brief outlines what we learned through our research and series of interdisciplinary engagements. It is directed towards Metro Vancouver and its member municipalities and contains recommendations to improve collaborative green infrastructure planning for climate change resilience for municipal and regional staff and their elected officials.

The Concept Note summarizes the issue and makes the case for integrated regional collaborative planning and biodiversity-led green infrastructure and important steps that can be taken by municipal and regional staff to incorporate biodiversity-led green infrastructure into their planning.

Find out more about this research on our special projects page on Still Creek and check out our visioning document Metro Vancouver 2050: A Mecca of Biodiversity-led Green Infrastrucure