Source: The New York Times; Judy Kaufmann

Source: The New York Times; Judy Kaufmann

The big climate news from this past week happened in Paris. Or did it?

Bill McKibben reminds us that, while world leaders gathered in Paris and spent two weeks arguing over the slightest of word choices, climate disasters have continued to affect people around the world. In Chennai, India, hundreds of people died due to massive flooding.

The agreement reached in Paris is a start, but it’s not nearly enough if we want to genuinely protect and preserve humanity and the planet.

From the New York Times:

“So the world emerges, finally, with something like a climate accord, albeit unenforceable. If all parties kept their promises, the planet would warm by an estimated 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit, or 3.5 degrees Celsius, above preindustrial levels. And that is way, way too much. We are set to pass the 1 degree Celsius mark this year, and that’s already enough to melt ice caps and push the sea level threateningly higher.”

Now, we need to pressure our leaders to not only uphold their Paris promises, but also to take even further action above and beyond these promises.

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