Call for Climate Educators submissions and collaborations for AGU fall meeting 2018 and Climate Solutions Conference 2019 fall meeting abstract deadline is August 1, 2018.

The world wants climate solutions. Beginning in spring 2019, the AGU Climate Solutions Conferences will build pathways and partnerships for communities to discover, define, investigate, and implement climate solutions. We must minimize global warming, maximize societal and environmental resilience and adaptive capacity for communities around the world. Climate solutions are human rights solutions, diversity is a central premise of the Climate Solutions Conference.

The conveners seek education partnerships to create open source education materials based on themes developed at the AGU Climate Solutions Conferences beginning spring 2019. The target audience includes high schools, colleges and universities. Hence, we are seeking long term partnerships to develop and update education resources in concert with the annual AGU Climate Solutions Conference. We envision this initiative creating a climate change education solutions group within the AGU.

The CSC Committee is hosting a parallel GeoHealth session at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting. Presenting educators are strongly encouraged to attend the GeoHealth Session to gain an overview over the proposed themes and to potentially make first contact with individual theme leads.

Submit proposals here by August 1st.