The latest issue of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC)’s magazine, Public Sector Management, includes a thought-provoking article on how governments manage and implement adaptation.

John Godfrey, former Minister of Infrastructure under Prime Minister Paul Martin and current Special Advisor on Climate Change to the Government of Ontario, pens this article discussing the various governments – and various federal government ministries – all tasked with tackling pieces of the climate change puzzle. Adaptation tends to be an afterthought when it is included, and this fragmentation, argues Godfrey, is a problem for climate change action.

“Given the range of departments at the federal and provincial level affected by extreme weather events, and given the importance of there being an integrated and coherent adaptation and resilience strategy of all three orders of government, including municipalities, who are often the front-line responders, both federal and provincial governments need a different approach in co-ordinating their efforts.”

How should governments work together to respond to climate change- including adaptation as a vital piece of a comprehensive response?

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