We are proud to announce that ACT will be supporting the recently announced Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration group to generate, communicate, and mobilize trusted information, policy advice, and best practices for Canadians, governments, and stakeholders on clean growth and climate change. We will be working alongside over 15 highly credible and inclusive researchers, leaders, experts, and practitioners from across Canada. This will be an independent, policy-oriented, not-for-profit, nationwide institute that will;

  • provide credible and authoritative advice to Canadians and their governments
  • develop and provide independent and expert-driven analysis to help Canada move toward clean growth in all sectors and regions of the country
  • develop advice and analysis spanning climate change mitigation, adaptation, and clean growth
  • set its own agenda and operate independently from government
  • fill existing information gaps and help translate research into useful information for policy decision-making

For more information see here.