OnĀ April 23, 2019, Canada pledged to double its protected lands by 2020. Based on a new poll by Abacus Data for the InternationalĀ Boreal Conservation Campaign (IBCC), the poll found that Canadians strongly support Indigenous-led conservation and international cooperation as a way to achieve the goal. In addition, the poll recorded that top reasons Canadians support conservation partnerships between Indigenous Nations and Canada are;

  • A strong return on investment: analysis of two Indigenous Guardians programs shows that every $1 spent delivers $2.50 in social, environmental and economic benefits.

  • Supporting Indigenous-led conservation and stewardship is an effective way for Canada to meet international commitments to protect the diversity of plants and animals.

  • Clear conservation plans will create more certainty for those who want to develop natural resources.

For more information about the poll and to see the full results, click here.