notley fires

Source: Calgary Herald; Shaughn Butts/Postmedia

In a new business plan for Alberta’s Municipal Affairs Ministry, climate change is discussed as a factor threatening more extreme weather and emergency events. It’s good to see the province take steps to improve their emergency preparedness based on climate science.

From The Calgary Herald:

“The 2016-19 business plan for the Municipal Affairs Ministry, released with the provincial budget on April 14, said that with predictions of more extreme weather due to climate change, the province must prepare to manage more events such as the 2011 Slave Lake fire and 2013 southern Alberta flood.

“That will have a ‘significant impact’ on the government’s approach to emergency prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, says the report.

“The Municipal Affairs business plan pledges the government to bolster community preparedness through online risk assessments, emergency plans and training, and to beef up emergency management exercises.”

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