The September 25 newsletter from AdaptNet the Climate Change and Adaptation Report contains the following publications that we’re finding valuable:

Links between Global Health and Adaptation

The paper outlines the relevance of climate change adaptation to global health. It highlights the importance of linking the social determinants of health and sustainable development agendas with climate change adaptation measures. The paper argues that the global health community can use the opportunities provided by the increasing flow of funding to climate adaptation to address existing and future health burdens.

Climate Change Adaptation: Where Does Global Health Fit in the Agenda? Kathryn J Bowen and Sharon Friel, Globalization and Health, vol. 8, no. 10, 2012 [128 KB, PDF]

Indigenous Knowledge, Vulnerability and Resilience

This report provides an overview of the published scientific literature (primarily peer-reviewed, but also grey) relating to the contribution of traditional/indigenous knowledge to our understanding of global climate change: observations, impacts and opportunities for adaptation. It focuses in particular on post-AR4 (IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report) literature and also includes inputs from the international expert meeting in Mexico.

Weathering Uncertainty: Traditional Knowledge for Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation, Douglas Nakashima et al., United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and United Nations University (UNU), 2012 [1.05 MB, PDF]

AdaptSTAR Model and Built Environment Sustainability

The designing of future buildings with embedded adaptive reuse potential is a useful criterion for sustainability. This paper describes the development of a new rating tool known as AdaptSTAR, which offers holistic design criteria suitable for assessing the adaptive reuse potential of future buildings. The findings show that criteria can be identified and weighted to calculate an adaptive reuse star rating.

AdaptSTAR Model: A Climate-friendly Strategy to Promote Built Environment Sustainability, Sheila Conejos, Craig Langston and Jim Smith, Habitat international, pp. 1-9, 2012 [1.56 MB, PDF]


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